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Johns Hopkins Hospital management has been engaging in illegal activities by attempting to block the organizing of a nurses union at Johns Hopkins Hospital. These illegal activities include preventing nurses from speaking with their colleagues in other departments during breaks or from coming into work on their days off. The NLRB has confirmed that Hopkins has engaged in illegal union-busting activities.

Two members of TRU were interviewed in a recent article in the Hopkins News Letter regarding the university’s union-busting. TRU unequivocally condemns the university’s illegal activities and supports the nurses in their efforts to unionize for better working conditions and patient care. One representative said:

“As grads at Hopkins work to strengthen our own union, it’s vital that we continue to support and stand in solidarity with the nurses in their struggle. When Hopkins tries to bust up unions, mistreat its workers or pursue unjust policies, the only way the community can hope to hold it accountable is by standing together.”

Another member said:

“Of course an institution like Hopkins would absolutely hate it if graduate students and nurses started their own unions. They would have to bargain with us, they would have to give us better working conditions and job security. And while I would argue that all of these things would only improve the productivity and efficiency of Hopkins workers across the board, I am sure the administration sees it as a gigantic thorn in their side.”

The full article is available on the JHU News Letter website.

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