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A group of people stand on the upper level balcony of Brody as in front of them a large banner hangs down off the railing proclaiming "END THE CONTRACTS #ICEoutjhu"

TRU co-organized a teach-in as part of the Coalition Against ICE outside Brody Learning Commons. The teach-in was then followed by a banner drop inside Brody. These actions were in opposition to JHU’s contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This is the federal government agency which has become infamous for its deportation raids on migrant communities and the indefinite detention of immigrant families.

The original TRU-endorsed petition calling on JHU to immediately end its contracts with ICE was presented to the administration at the end of September, and we received a response earlier this month. The administration rejected the call for an immediate end to the contracts, primarily on the grounds that to do so would threaten faculty members’ academic freedom.

The Hopkins Coalition Against ICE has drafted a response, which has been endorsed by a number of groups, including TRU, rejecting the administration’s specious logic. Whether or not you can make it Thursday, you can continue to support the anti-ICE movement at JHU by individually supporting the response here.

If the university is serious about its claims of “unwavering commitment” to students and workers “regardless of immigration status”, they need to end their complicity in this brutal deportation machine that tears apart our communities and divides workers on the basis of immigration status.

The action was covered by the JHU News-Letter.

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