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TRU has sent an email to our supporters regarding both the recent decision of Hopkins to cancel its contracts with ICE and the NLRB ruling regarding Graduate Student Unions at private universities. Below is the text of the email. If you would like to receive regular updates from TRU straight to your inbox, go to the “Contact Us” tab or email us at

Dear Fellow Graduate Workers,

After months of pressure from the Hopkins Coalition against ICE, Garland Hall Sit-In, Coalition for a Humane Hopkins, Teachers and Researchers United, and other advocacy groups on and off campus, the administration has finally decided to cancel its contracts with ICE! Although the university has not acknowledged how the efforts of students, faculty, and community activists led to this decision, we want to congratulate everyone for helping secure a more compassionate and equitable campus. We hope that this achievement will pave the way for our continued work to end the militarization of Hopkins, sexual harassment, and other abuses at and beyond the university. As we strive for recognition as the official Hopkins graduate workers union through our calls for social justice and for six years of guaranteed funding for doctoral students, this victory demonstrates what our combined influence can achieve.

At the same time, we need to address the recent verdict of the National Labor Relations Board that graduate students do not “work” for their universities. Under a proposed NLRB rule change, the federal government will deny graduate workers the right to unionize and hinder our capacity to improve our labor conditions. The current members of the NLRB refuse to recognize our contributions as teachers, researchers, conference panelists, laboratory scientists, and community builders, all of which ensure the success of our universities. TRU condemns the proposed NLRB rule and will not end its activism until graduate workers nationwide have earned the legal right to collectively bargain for contracts with their home institutions. Just as protest compelled Hopkins to end its contracts with ICE, so too can sustained pressure enable us to bypass the NLRB and demand that the administration offer us a seat at the negotiating table.

We must stand together against the NLRB decision and have the opportunity to comment on its proposed rule change for the next sixty days. We urge you to send your own response to the NLRB at this hyperlink: We also encourage you to show your solidarity with your fellow graduate students by signing a TRU-SEIU Local 500 union card, which you can acquire from any member of the TRU organizing committee or through the TRU email address. Finally, as we continue to connect departments across Homewood and the School of Medicine, we invite you to help us build our grassroots membership so we can pursue our shared objectives. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at Thank you for your continued support, and we promise to fight with you both as students and as workers.

In Solidarity,
Teachers and Researchers United

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