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Submit a letter to the deans petitioning for greater graduate worker protections HERE

Over the last few weeks, TRU has been negotiating with the Provost’s Office to secure funding, timeline extensions, and health insurance for graduate workers affected by the Covid-19 crisis. However, the provosts have insisted that it’s not up to them, saying that the ultimate decisions are up to the deans and departments.

So let’s go to the deans. Click the link above (or here) to submit a form letter to the deans of the schools, President Daniels, and other upper administrators insisting that extensions be given to all graduate workers, not contingent on department or application. We’ve all been affected by the crisis; accordingly, the accommodations provided should offer equitable support in a streamlined, efficient way that doesn’t add to the difficulties we’re already facing.

Please consider personalizing the letter accordingly! Additionally, if you’d be willing to provide a short testimonial of how the closure of the University and Covid-related disruptions have impacted you, please get in touch with us at

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