On March 10, 2021 we came together for our first socially distant action since December’s Vehicle Caravan: the first (and hopefully last) annual “Covies Awards” Show! TRU’s awards-show-as-protest marked the one year anniversary of the university’s closure due to COVID-19 by recognizing the best and worst of Johns Hopkins’ response to the pandemic. Awards were presented in categories ranging from “most unsung hero” (category winner: the cleaning staff) to “Vaguest Promise of Support” (category winner: making it all department specific). Categories were crowdsourced by TRU members and winners selected in advance in an online poll. As TRU member Alexander Peebles said, “It seems the only way to get the administration’s attention is with rankings or awards. It was nice to share a laugh when Hopkins seems so intent on pushing us to despair with its negligence.” You can read more about the event in the JHU Newsletter.

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