Starting as a small group of students in 2014, Teachers and Researchers United (TRU) has since campaigned for and won many improvements to the living conditions of graduate workers at JHU. In 2018 we went public as the graduate worker union, and have been working ever since to build the majority support grad workers need to win our right to collectively bargain for our first contract with the university. Check out the timeline below to see how we got here!

You can read more about TRU’s early history here. For more details about specific efforts, check out our News Page or our page on campaigns we have partnered with. Questions? Comments? Or want to be a part of this movement? Email us at or hit us up on any of our social media pages!


March 5

Faculty Vote to Support Grad Demands

The Homewood Faculty Assembly (HFA) has passed a resolution in support of our demand for universal grad pay extensions! TRU members made our case on the floor of the meeting before the vote. The resolution specifically calls on admin to tap into the sizable reserves of the central university.  You..Read More
March 10

Covies Awards Show

To celebrate some of the missteps, false promises, and annoyances experienced during the university shutdown, on the one-year anniversary of the shutdown TRU hosted an awards show- the first annual “Covies”. Who ever said protesting austerity can’t be fun! We had an excellent Covies Award Show and poked fun at..Read More
April 2

Covid Concessions Won!

TRU’s effort to get relief for grad workers impacted by COVID bore fruit as on Friday April 2nd 2021, it was announced by President Daniels and Provost Kumar that the university will be directing $5 million towards aid for PhD students! This comes in the form of 100 travel and..Read More