The Problem

Graduate workers who are also parents face increased discrimination at Johns Hopkins. Moreover, the resources which exist at the university for graduate student parents are hidden in layers of bureaucratic tape and murky, often even contradictory, statements. Even the Baby Shower held by Hopkins twice annually to distribute information to prospective parents, is not open to graduate students.

Does the university think our children aren’t worth celebrating too?

In July of 2017 as part of the Healthcare Campaign, we won from the university an 8-week parental leave policy. However, there are many changes which still need to be made. For example, the Hopkins Child Care and Early Learning Center is prohibitively expensive for graduate students. Graduate workers pay thousands out of pocket for child care expenses while faculty and staff can receive Dependent Care Vouchers of $5,000 per year.

Currently, graduate workers at our peer institutions receive thousands in child care subsidies.

What TRU is doing

TRU is working to address gender equity consciously and deliberately, both inside and outside of our organization. We are:

  • Listening and keeping track of specific gender-related issues that affect fellow grads at JHU
  • Making these concerns part of our organizing efforts
  • Advocating for respect, support, and solutions for grads who have already faced gender-based discrimination
  • Always taking seriously the fact that gender, like race, plays a huge part in the inequality on campus and in the fields in which we work

We have won!

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We as graduate workers will continue to demand:

  • $5,000 per year in child care subsidies guaranteed, equal to what faculty and staff receive and commensurate with our subsidies at peer institutions
  • Adoption assistance equal to that given to faculty and staff
  • Clear and easy access to all parental resources, including updated online information specific to graduate parents

Is there an issue you would like TRU to know about? You can email us at or fill in the contact box below anonymously.