TRU Wins COVID Relief Concessions

On Friday April 2nd 2021, it was announced by President Daniels and Provost Kumar that the university will be directing $5 million towards aid for PhD students. This comes in the form of 100 travel and research grants at $5,000 – $12,000 a piece, and 200-300 dissertation completion awards that include some combination of stipend, tuition, and health insurance for a semester. More details can be found here

Though this is a  partial victory for the support we’ve been campaigning for over the last year, and ultimately is a result of all of your efforts, it falls far short of our demands. We need universal funding extensions now! Please read our official statement on Hopkins’ recent announcement here.

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Homewood Faculty Vote to Support!

The Homewood Faculty Assembly (HFA) has passed a resolution in support of our demand for universal grad pay extensions! TRU members made our case on the floor of the meeting before the vote. The resolution specifically calls on admin to tap into the sizable reserves of the central university. You can read the full resolution text here. For more context about TRU’s organizing around grad pay extensions, check out this recent Op-Ed by Alex Parry.

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Grads Deserve a Bonus Too!

Recently the university gave $500 end of the year “thank you” bonuses to all of its essential employees EXCEPT grad teachers and researchers. Our work is work worthy of recognition too! They did this despite TRU’s efforts to address worker safety and health concerns with the administration, and repeated asks for pay extensions to protect grad workers through the pandemic. So join us in sending a letter to President Ron Daniels, Provost Sunil Kumar, and Interim Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration Mary Miller, asking them to extend these bonuses to graduate workers and meet our union’s demands! 

The link to do so is here.

By following the instructions and filling out the fields on that page, you can send an email to them automatically, either with a custom message from you or using our template

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February GBM

Who’s the union? YOU ARE!

Our first GBM of the year will be Feb. 2, 6-7.30pm EST on Zoom.

Bold text above the TRU logo reads: "The university works because we do!"

Come help set our plans for the upcoming year! Meet current TRU members, get involved with committees, and make your voice heard.

For the Zoom link, sign up for our email list (see the widget to the right), or email us directly at

See you all there!

In solidarity,


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TRU stands in solidarity with faculty, students, and staff at Bogazici University, Turkey

Teachers and Researchers United (TRU) at Johns Hopkins University stands in solidarity with students, staff, and faculty at Turkey’s Bogazici University who have been defending academic freedom and autonomy in the face of authoritarianism. 

On January 1, 2021, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appointed a pro-government academic, Melih Bulu, as the new rector of Bogazici University. This appointment violates the principles and protocols of Bogazici University, which insist on the democratic election of university rectors by the university community. This intervention in the internal affairs of the university is yet another anti-democratic move by the Turkish government, and is part of a larger process of ongoing state repression. Such impositions significantly undermine the academic freedom and scientific autonomy of universities. 

Previously, Bulu was a political candidate of Erdogan’s ruling party (Justice and Development Party), and his political career is rooted in military and corporate circles. Although he has served as rector in a private university prior to his appointment at Bogazici, his academic qualifications have been called into question. It was recently found that his own PhD dissertation is replete with plagiarism. Despite clear evidence, he denies this accusation. His flagrant disregard for academic integrity makes him unfit to serve in such a position. 

On January 4, 2021, hundreds of Bogazici students, faculty, and staff who shared the above concerns gathered to exercise their democratic right to protest against Bulu’s appointment by the central government. They demanded Bulu’s resignation and a democratic election of a new rector by the university community. Police responded to this peaceful protest with excessive force, including the use of pepper spray and water cannons. The ongoing protests have been followed by heavy police blockades around the Bogazici campus, which continue to remain in place, and early morning police raids upon students’ private homes and subsequent arrest and detainment of at least 45 students. 

As a union concerned with academic freedom, militarization of campuses, scientific autonomy, and freedom of expression within universities, TRU condemns in the strongest possible terms the ongoing attacks by the Turkish government against universities. We openly condemn this blatantly anti-democratic and clientelist appointment of Melih Bulu as the rector of Bogazici, as well as the widespread police brutality, authorized by the Turkish government, on peaceful students. We urge the Turkish government to end its attacks against student activists and meet the demand of the Bogazici community to return to an election-based determination of the university rector.

In solidarity,

Teachers and Researchers United

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