TRU Stands in Solidarity with Christine Blasey Ford

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A group of people, dressed predominantly in black, stands under the columned porch of Gilman hall. Some individuals have black tape over their mouths, while others hold signs saying things like "#MeToo" or "Believe Women"

Members and representatives of TRU attended the September 27 silent vigil in support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and all survivors. One representative of TRU spoke at the event. The JHU News Letter covered the event.

TRU stands in solidarity with all survivors of sexual harassment and assault. Unfortunately, sexual harassment and assault is no stranger to academia or the Johns Hopkins campus. And even just hearing about sexual assault (in the media or elsewhere) can be traumatic for survivors and their loved ones. Below are some resources that may be helpful to those in the Hopkins and Baltimore community.

  • SARU (Sexual Assault Response & Prevention) is autonomous & student-run. Their 24/7 private hotline can help direct you to further resources. The support line number is 410-516-7887 and the SARU email is SARU’s training is similar to that at RAINN.
  • JHU Counseling Center runs a 24/7 helpline, staffed by an on-call counselor. The number for the Sexual Assault Helpline is 410-516-7333 For more information see 

Note that everyone is obligated under Maryland law to report child abuse, but otherwise SARU staffers are not mandated reporters. Be aware that some Hopkins staff are mandated reporters.

For information on reporting via the OIE, see:

  • In the wider Baltimore area there is also CHANA. Helpline: 410-234-0023, CHANA offers a Jewish community response to the needs of those who experience abuse, trauma and neglect.
  • And TurnAround, Inc. provides 24/7 crisis intervention, trauma therapy, victim advocacy, community education and training, accompaniment services and shelter. (Hotline: 443-279-0379, For crisis intervention&referral 410-377-8111) 2300 North Charles Street, Bmore. Their website is: