TRU Marches and Helps Occupy Wyman Park Building in Support of the Humanities Center

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Last Thursday, November 17, TRU and other graduate students and organizations marched from the Levering Courtyard to the Wyman Park Building in support of the Humanities Center. At the Wyman Park building we met with three administrators including Matthew Roller, the vice dean of graduate education. However, the goal was to deliver a petition with a list of demands directly to dean Beverly Wendland. TRU and other protestors then sat in at the building for approximately 45 minutes, chanting, reading out demands, and giving speeches.

The event was covered by the Hopkins News Letter, and a member of TRU was interviewed, saying: “Along with the Humanities Center being a place where first rate scholarship is produced, it’s also the place where faculty, students and administrative workers work and get their income to get their means to eat, to pay rent and to cover healthcare … My fellow graduate workers, we got to understand this is a question of our work, of our livelihood.”

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