Contract Proposals

Non-Economic Contract Proposals

The language proposals are non-economic provisions in our contract to secure a work environment that is safer, more inclusive and equitable, and has clear policies for working procedures and resolution of workplace issues. These proposals will: 

Ensure the strength and longevity of our union by
  • Legally recognizing the union;
  • Defining the bargaining unit as all PhD students enrolled in JHU degree programs including TAs, RAs, and fellows so that no PhD student is left out;
  • Requiring JHU give us office and meeting space on campus and access to campus facilities;
  • Establishing a union shop: automatic union membership and payment of union dues by all employees so that no one is excluded from our wins and we all contribute equally and fairly to the costs of ensuring a strong contract.

Outline clear job expectations and responsibilities for workers by: 

  • Requiring JHU to state all requirements, including working hours of TAs/RAs;
  • Prohibiting discipline or discharge of employees without just cause; 
  • Ensuring we have high-quality mandatory training and professional development opportunities, including professional development leave;
  • Requiring adequate office space, proper work tools, lab equipment, and supplies, intellectual property rights, and remote work rights.

Secure protections, benefits, and safety for all workers, including:

  • Timely pay and reimbursement;
  • Prohibiting discrimination due to race, gender, nationality, disability, and other protected classes;
  • Physical space accommodations and accessibility standards, requirements for gender-neutral restrooms, spaces for lactation and religious practices, parental and medical leave, and regular DEI training for faculty in support of workers;
  • Tangible improvements to parking, shuttle, public transit, & biking infrastructure;
  • Requirements for physical health and safety of workspaces and procedures for handling violations of these requirements, including provisions for on-campus safety in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as well as through preventing the formation of the JHU private police force;
  • Support for international employees to handle immigration matters including sufficient annual leave, remote work, and other accommodations;
  • Increased efforts to offer international employees expanded opportunities through OIS, OPT/CPT opportunities, and visa sponsorship.

Assure clear procedures for resolution of workplace issues:

When the aforementioned standards are violated, we provide a clear and straightforward grievance procedure for resolving these issues. Through the grievance procedure:

  • Union members have the power to disagree with JHU decisions, enforce the contract, and be protected from retaliation;
  • Union representatives can be present at grievance meetings with the employee. This right promotes collective action and limits the risk of intimidation by JHU.