Teachers and Researchers United: The JHU Grad Workers Union

Sabine vs The Machine

Last week, multiple departments stated they would require graduate workers to work an additional 20 hours per week on top of your full-time teaching, research, and dissertation duties. This blatant breach of contract was met with a class action grievance which held its hearing this Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at the School of Public Health. Over 120 members joined the hearing and made their voices heard, demanded fair contract implementation, and showed Hopkin that our work, is work

See what we are fighting for:

  • Previous guaranteed funding is being revoked for all 6+ year graduate workers
Population, family, and reproductive health
  • Graduate workers are being required to work an additional 20 hours per week on top of their full-time commitments
SChool of medicine
  • Graduate workers are being told they will not be paid for thesis-related work
  • Graduate workers are being asked to take on additional projects on top of their full-time work in order to be paid
Other departments applying the same misimplementations of your contract:
  • Economic
  • Political Science
  • School of Nursing
  • Environmental Health and Engineering
  • Epidemiology
  • Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
  • Cellular and Molecular Medicine



We Ratified Our Constitution! 

From the first day of contract negotiations, TRU showed JHU that graduate student workers were not going to accept anything less than a fair contract. Read the highlights of our contract here, including historic wins setting a new standard for grad labor around the country!

We have now also ratified our constitution to preserve our mission of empowering graduate workers and hold Hopkins accountable. Our constitution and special election timeline have passed with a 97% margin. Thank you to all members who participated in drafting and ratifying this foundational document for our union’s future! Read the highlights of our constitution here (link coming soon).

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We are Teachers and Researchers United

We are a movement of graduate student workers at Johns Hopkins University organizing a union in order to win improvements in our working conditions and demand dignity, respect, and a contract. From labs to classrooms, graduate workers at JHU keep the university running. As scholars and as teaching and research assistants, we exercise care and expertise in building the twin pillars of higher education: research and instruction.

We are affiliated with United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers (UE). We share their belief that unions are for everyone, and that a member-led and organized union is the best way to achieve wins for workers.

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