Teachers and Researchers United: The JHU Grad Workers Union

Bargaining for a Fair Contract

From the first day of contract negotiations, TRU is showing JHU that graduate student workers are participating in the bargaining process and stand united in our support of our bargaining team. To stay up to date on bargaining, check out the bargaining updates.

Hopkins Works Because We Do.

Curious about what our bargaining committee is negotiating? Wondering how the process will go? Check out our explanation of the bargaining process, including your role in it. We’ve also refreshed our FAQs to reflect common questions about what we’re bargaining for and why we’re doing it. And while you’re at it, sign your union card if you haven’t already!

Want to get more involved in shaping the contract, build direct worker democracy at Hopkins, organize with your peers, or sign your union card? Click one of the links below!

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Over 2000 Hopkins PhD students made history, with a record setting 97% of grads coming to the polls to vote YES to have TRU-UE represent ourselves to collectively bargain for a better Hopkins. Because of this overwhelmingly strong support of each and every grad worker at Hopkins who took to the polls and demanded change, and to the hard and tireless work of TRU-UE organizers who got us here, we know that when we organize together – we win. TRU-UE has entered its next phase: bargaining with administration and putting together a winning contract that delivers improvements from wages to working conditions to improved international student support that will guarantee graduate workers get the respect and dignity for the hard work they do. For now, grad workers, pat yourselves on the back and celebrate this historic win! Now that we can start to collectively bargain for better conditions for ALL Hopkins PhD students, we need to show JHU that grads DEMAND a fair contract. Now is the time to get involved – join the the contract action team!

We are Teachers and Researchers United

We are a movement of graduate student workers at Johns Hopkins University organizing a union in order to win improvements in our working conditions and demand dignity, respect, and a contract. From labs to classrooms, graduate workers at JHU keep the university running. As scholars and as teaching and research assistants, we exercise care and expertise in building the twin pillars of higher education: research and instruction.

We are affiliated with United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers (UE). We share their belief that unions are for everyone, and that a member-led and organized union is the best way to achieve wins for workers.

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