Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us or get in touch with a TRU representative in your department!

Who is covered by this contract? 

All graduate students enrolled in University PhD programs who are employed to provide instructional or research services, including teaching assistants, research assistants, and fellows are covered by this contract. 

Specific exclusions are listed at the end of this document and in the Recognition article of the tentative agreement.

How do I become a member of TRU-UE Local 197? 

I am currently paying dues to TRU-UE Local 197 voluntarily. Do I need to continue paying those voluntary dues? 

What are union dues? 

How much are union dues for TRU-UE Local 197? 

What are dues collected by TRU-UE used for?

Do I have to pay dues? 

How can I pay my dues? 

When will dues start being collected?

I have questions about union membership, dues, or agency fees. Who should I ask? 

Who is excluded from the bargaining unit?

Should I sign a card if I’m about to graduate?

What is TRU-UE and what is a graduate worker union?

What is TRU-UE?

Why do we need a graduate student union?

What is a union contract?

How will a union help my research?

How did we form a graduate student union?

What have other graduate student unions been able to win?

Why can’t we secure these improvements with the existing mechanisms?

Clarifications of Contract Details:

Do I have to log my hours?

How do we define what our job is?

Why is policing a union issue?

What does it mean to have a commitment to the city of Baltimore?

Joining Teachers and Researchers United – UE (TRU-UE)

I’m interested in getting involved, where do I start?

What does signing a union card mean?

I have more questions, how can I get them answered?

Will I ever have to go on strike?

Know Your Rights

Who is allowed to participate in a union?

Are international students eligible to be in a union?

Can the university retaliate against me for being involved in a union?

Potential Impacts

How will stipend increases be paid for? Will my advisor have to take less students?

Won’t being involved in TRU’s efforts harm my relationship with my advisor/PI?