On Time Pay

We deserve our paychecks on-time

Every year, graduate students across JHU receive paychecks from one week to several months late. Despite long-term pressure from students organizing at the department level, through TRU, and advocating through student government, and the fact that on-time payment is required by Maryland state law, late pay remains a university-wide issue. As graduate workers, being paid on-time is central to our financial well-being and the consequences of a late paycheck can be disastrous. Not to mention that the stress of financial uncertainty detracts from our ability to perform the coursework, teaching, and research central to our academic progress. 

Late pay usually results from one of four causes:

  1. Delays in processing paperwork
  2. Graduate students moving on and off of different funding
  3. Failures to record the correct number of hours for TAs and RAs who work part-time 
  4. Miscommunications between department and school-level administrators and the university pay-roll office

Only a legally-binding contract between graduate workers and the JHU administration can prevent most cases of late pay.

At the bargaining table, TRU will fight for:

  • On-time payment for ALL graduate workers at JHU
  • Interest-free loans from the university for graduate students experiencing pay-delays of one or more weeks