After our historic victory,  we still need to negotiate and win a strong contract. The negotiating will be carried out by our elected Bargaining Committee, working in lock step with our on-the ground the organizers, the Contract Action Team (CAT). 

A Strong Contract:
  • Enshrines victories we have already won through issue based campaigns and our organizing efforts (like transitional funding) 
  • Secures our bargaining priorities 
  • Does not leave anything on the table
The Bargaining Process
  1. Membership votes on contract proposals
  2. BC negotiates with JHU
  3. Mass participation and action pressures JHU to agree
  4. BC reaches a tentative agreement.
  5. Members vote on contract ratification!

The Bargaining Committee

Elected representatives from across the bargaining unit tasked with representing the interests and needs of ALL of the fellow graduate workers in the process of negotiating (bargaining) a contract. 

    • Prepare and present contract proposals to the administration.
    • Only compromise with the administration at the will of the TRU-UE membership. 
    • Communicate the changing state of negotiations to the rest of TRU-UE, through the Contract Action Team.
Marie Pearce (she/her)
I am bargaining for...
a living wage and grievance procedures that prioritize supporting and protecting students.
Janvi Madhani (she/her)
Physics and Astronomy
I am bargaining for...
a workplace and contract that respects the dignity of all workers, provides meaningful safety for all workers, and ensures equitable work conditions.
Sreyas Chintapalli (he/him)
Electrical and Computer Engineering
I am bargaining for...
a living, on-time pay for all PhD students and to see Johns Hopkins renew its commitment to the Baltimore community.
William Brakewood (he/him)
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
I am bargaining for...
fair pay, better working conditions, and a strong union for future grad student workers.
Steven Sola (he/him)
Environmental Health & Engineering
I am bargaining for...
a strong contract that supports employees facing harassment and malevolent acts by their employers. We deserve a safe and supportive environment to conduct meaningful research and grow professionally.
Jayati Sharma (she/her)
I am bargaining for...
respect and dignity that we deserve as graduate workers and an inclusive work environment that is liable to our rights as employees of Hopkins and residents of Baltimore.
Breanne Kincaid (she/her)
Environmental Health & Engineering
I am bargaining for...
just and prompt compensation for the work we do as graduate student researchers!
Kwaku Quansah (he/him)
Cellular and Molecular Medicine
I am bargaining for...
a contract that clearly defines expectations of graduate student employment, demands fair compensation and benefits, and safeguards our agency and dignity.
Lily Liang (she/her)
Biomedical Engineering
I am bargaining for...
the right to be respected and dignified as a worker and researcher.
Fearghus Horan (he/him)
I am bargaining for...
a contract that recognizes the work and dignitity of graduate students.
Logan Kostick (he/him)
Computer Science
I am bargaining for...
better support for international workers and improved grievance process for all graduate workers.
Connor Krill (he/him)
Civil and Systems Engineering
I am bargaining for...
the respect we deserve and the tools necessary to complete our research. Graduate students are the backbone of this university and we deserve to be compensated as such.
Aaron Salisbury (he/him)
I am bargaining for...
on time payment and the dignity we deserve as student workers.
Joanna Zienkiewicz (she/her)
I am bargaining for...
a better quality of life for graduate workers.
Irika Sinha (she/they)
I am bargaining for...
better support and representation in the decisions that determine our experiences.
Alex Peeples (they/she)
I am bargaining for...
the working conditions we are owed and the community we can build.
Anna Word (they/them)
Immunology and Infectious Diseases
I am bargaining for...
the dignity of graduate workers at JHU and the ability to use our labor to transform our workplace and community for the better. We all deserve to thrive, not simply survive.
Vivian Su (she/her)
Materials Science and Engineering
I am bargaining for...
a safe work space for all graduate students.
Jeffrey Davis (he/him)
Physics and Astronomy
I am bargaining for...
a more equitable workplace for all graduate workers.
Maryam Esperanza (she/her)
School of Nursing
I am bargaining for...
those whose voices and concerns have been quieted throughout the university.
Verónica Ríos Saavedra (she/her)
Languages and Literatures
I am bargaining for...
the rights and agency of all grad students. The only way to make sure that we get the fair treatment we deserve is to organize and act collectively.
Alaa Saad (she/her)
I am bargaining for...
our right as graduate workers not to be alienated by our jobs— and our right to working conditions that are nondiscriminatory, equitable and fair.

The Contract Action Team – (CAT) – 🐈

  1. CAT (Contract Action Team) is made up of all Department Organizers, volunteers and interested members. 
  2. Members should represent all organizing units (buildings and departments)!
  3. Our contract will reflect the issues that grad workers talk to CAT members about. Get to know the people in your lab, department, and cohort; know what their issues are, and work together to address them!
  4. Join the CAT here!

Have more questions about bargaining? Check out our FAQs!