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Interim Stewards

Even before we ratify our first contract, we have resources to advocate for each other as a union! Interim stewards are grad workers who’ve received training to help their peers navigate grievances, from advisor abuse to late pay. Below, find contact info for interim stewards in your division. If you are interested in becoming an interim steward, please reach out to or an organizer in your department.


School of Medicine

Abby Mulligan –
Alina Spiegel –
Andrew Eneim –
Lyla Atta –
Wisam Awadallah –


School of Public Health/School of Nursing

Andrew Jopson –
Diogo Fortes –
Emily Hoppe –
Selena Anjur-Dietrich –


Justin Otter –
Nooria Ahmed –
John Green –

KSAS Humanities/Social Sciences/SAIS/SoE

Clare Kemmerer –
Kory Gaines –
Rachel Williams –
Sophie D’Anieri –

Whiting School of Engineering

Eda Begum Birol –
Tracy Chung –