We won our union, now we bargain!

Dear fellow graduate worker,

TLDR: Learn How to Win a Strong Contract *💪*

Tuesday, February 21st @ 6pm

Location: Homewood & East Baltimore campuses and zoom


As you might have heard by now, we won our union! Of the 2,120 people who voted, 2053 voted yes and 67 voted no, resulting in a 97% yes vote margin

This is truly a historic feat, as we believe this is the largest number of yes votes in an NLRB election for grad workers EVER! This was only possible because of our vast network of organizers, our supporters, and the power we’ve built by bringing literally thousands of our colleagues together to demand change at JHU.

So what’s next? Now that we’ve won our election and have been certified as a union, we can bargain a contract to improve the working conditions of all PhD students at Hopkins. 

First, here’s another chance to sign your union card and join our union! Becoming a union member gives you voting power on our proposals and in bargaining committee elections, and demonstrates your commitment to your colleagues to win a strong contract together! 

We are hosting a meeting to explain what we need to do to win a strong contract on Tuesday, February 21st at 6PM. We will have in person locations on each Baltimore campus and a Zoom link. RSVP here for more info! Everyone is encouraged to attend the meeting to learn about what lies ahead for us and get your questions answered!